Your opportunity to own a piece of Paradise awaits.

Valhalla Lodge offers numerous possibilities for awesome outdoor adventures. We offer 5 Star accommodations and dining. While trophy whitetail deer and elk hunting are our specialties, we also offer fishing opportunities for native Michigan species as well as waterfowl hunting and sporting clays to name a few.

Whether you and your guests seek trophy big game hunting or just relaxation in a very private setting, we can accommodate you.

The best part is, as a member you can experience it all each year.

Just 2 hours from Detroit and about 3 hours from Grand Rapids, Valhalla Lodge, located in the lower peninsula of Northern Michigan, is easily accessible yet secluded which makes it the ideal annual venue for those who value the rare luxury of enjoying every minute of their time away from everyday life.

How long does a membership last?

A membership is a lifetime membership that can be handed down from generation to generation as long as annual dues are paid accordingly

What exactly am I buying as an Equity member?

You are purchasing equity in the property. In addition to the purchase, you have a 1-time initiation fee and yearly dues as a 2% Equity member.

What do I get to hunt each year?

An Equity member gets an opportunity to hunt a buck up to 199”. Upgrades to a larger buck or elk are available at member rates.

Can I let other people use my membership privileges?

Yes, as a member, you can gift your hunts and stays.

How many days come with my Equity membership?

An Equity member gets 10 all-inclusive days for two guests. These 10 days are broke into a 3 1/2 day all-inclusive hunt and the balance split up as you wish with a 3 day minimum per stay.

Can I reserve the entire resort for a family reunion a corporate retreat a wedding?

An Equity member may reserve the entire Lodge for their personal use for additional fees.

Could I ever sell my Equity membership?

Yes you can sell your membership at any point. Valhalla Lodge reserves first opportunity to purchase your membership and reserves the right to approve any new member that you wish to sell your membership to.

Could I buy an Equity membership with my brother in an LLC?

Yes you can buy a membership in an LLC, however the usage details remain the same.

As an Equity member can I hunt additional animals?

Yes additional animals will be offered to members at member rates.